Most Independent artists have learned the hard way how hard it is to get their CD's reviewed. Truth is if you're an Independent artist the cards are stacked against you. Mainly because you're among thousands of unsigned acts like you trying to get their latest CD reviewed, along with thousands of signed bands & music publicists in line ahead of you. What's ever more shocking - read some of he disclaimers on some of these sites & you'll realize your CD may never ever get reviewed. Take a look at this






So how do you get over this hurdle? INDIESHARK has you covered via it's new CD DISTRO PLAN.


Just send your music to  INDIESHARK digitally and we will distribute your music to our A-List of professional music critics & the online magazines they work for. Because of our networking & affiliations with many of these music critics & webzines around the world we can deliver Independent Artists up to 10 music reviews within 30 days. These reviews are a highly effective marketing tool & when used in conjunction with a "1" Sheet or Press Pack will sure to get your band noticed right away. Make sure your latest CD gets the reviews it so rightfully deserves via our CD Review Distro Plan. 



- Send us your music digitally via below e-mail adress

- Also include a copy of your latest "1 " Sheet or Release flier

- Please allow up to 30 days for all reviews to post.

- Each review will be written by a different music critic, from a different review hub

- Review Registry will be made available to the artist after initial sign-up.







Digital Submissions only. Send CD's & other promotional materials to:








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