Vineet Singh “Run! Run! Run!” (SINGLE)

Vineet Singh Hukmani’s ambitions separate him from the pack. The Indian singer/songwriter isn’t content with the tried and true approach to releasing new music but, instead, casts his nets far afield of the ordinary. It didn’t begin that way, however. Hukmani established his reputation during the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath amassing an eye-popping run of nine hit singles during that period. Each of those singles appeared with an accompanying video. He concluded that run with a collection of short stories entitled Nine with songs connected with each tale.


This hinted at what came next. His latest single “Run! Run! Run!” doesn’t merely another accompanying video but, instead, highlights a comic book Run Storm and the Hope Star and a 3D animated film sharing the same concept. His multimedia focused approach recognizes that forward-thinking creativity is what wins the day for performing artists circa 2023. Simply writing, recording, and releasing a song doesn’t cut through the dross as it used to. Different times demand different measures.

Working in a vein like this provides endless possibilities. Vineet’s yearning to have listeners fully involved in his work has served as a guiding principle for his creativity from the beginning and reaches its peak with his new project. A multiverse encompassing film, music, and a comic book is a bold move, but we’re accustomed to that from this artist. Vineet has confounded expectations since his debut and there’s no sign of him slowing down.

The synthesizers generate tremendous energy for the track and the percussion underlines its emphatic rush. Vineet’s singing matches it each step of the way without ever dominating the performance. He really hits his stride with the song’s chorus, but even then, he doesn’t overreach and cuts his vocal close to the music’s needs. The balance between his singing and the music never fails.

It’s a great way to open his multiverse. It works apart from the project, however, and appreciating it on that basis isn’t hard. “Run! Run! Run!” rushes forward with fierce resolve and draws listeners into its web. Vineet is at the center of it all, calm and collected, singing with authority and absolute clarity. The production is robust and full of brio. He throws the full force of his talent behind each aspect of this track and the production brings it all without overplaying his hand.


Vineet is here to stay. No one in their right mind would claim that an artist with nine #1 hits is a flash in the pan. His sturdy sense for melody, his ability to layer each of his songs into full and involving works, and his vocal presence are the stuff posterity smiles on. There’s no sign that this will fade. He gathers momentum with each new release and project and it’s apparent there’s nothing he considers off-limits for his art. Vineet Singh Hukmani’s “Run! Run! Run!” takes off for the stratosphere and never stops. Let’s hop on and enjoy the ride, wherever it takes us, because there’s nothing else like it in 2023.

Mark Druery


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