The following Interview was conducted while Italian Musical Mastermind Louis Siciliano wile in the midst of recording his newly anticipated Album. One of the most innovative Synth Performers and Composers, Louis Siciliano, was nominated for a Grammy Award and won the Indieshark Pick of the Week Award.

Louis, thank you for agreeing to speak with us. Can you share with our readers what this project is about?

Louis Siciliano (LS): Thank you for having me here! I am excited to share this moment with all of you. I am currently in the studio working on a very ambitious album that will keep me busy for the next two years. It is a work that will allow me to explore new musical territories and create something truly great. I have the privilege and honor of working in a trio with the fantastic percussionist Giovanni Imparato and the  great master of the tenor saxophone, Umberto Muselli. Two wonderful Artists!

That sounds very interesting! Can you give us a sneak peek of what we can expect from this project?

LS: Certainly! I can tell you that I am pushing the limits of my creativity and experimenting with new sounds and musical languages inspired by MUMEX (Music Multiverse Exploration), the meta-language that I have invented. I want to create an engaging experience that conveys authentic emotions. It is an instrumental album that is dear to my heart, and I hope that my fans can feel all the love and passion that I am putting into it.

Fantastic! We know that there are artists you would like to collaborate with. Is there anyone in particular that you would like to involve in this project?

LS: One of the artists I have always wanted to collaborate with is Roger Waters. I admire his talent and his commitment to conveying powerful messages through music. It would be a dream come true to work with him one day and combine our artistic visions to create something truly unique. As for the new album, which will contain 20 instrumental tracks and is a sort of summary of my artistic journey, I am very focused on the trio and do not foresee any guest appearances, at least for now.

Speaking of your creative process, Louis, what inspires you when you create your music?

LS: My inspiration comes from many different sources. I can be inspired by a personal experience, a book I have read, my studies in cosmology and cognitive theories, or even a simple walk in nature. I always try to capture sincere emotions and convey them through my music. It is a very personal process, and I strive to make each of my instrumental compositions authentic and meaningful.

You mentioned that you are exploring new musical genres in this project. Can you tell us more about this exploration?

LS: Certainly! I have always loved experimenting with different musical styles, and in this project, I am pushing the boundaries even further. I am blending elements of jazz, afro, contemporary music, electronic music, and world music influences into a new captivating Cosmic Sound that someone has described as Quantum Music.

We know that the creative process can be both rewarding and challenging. What are the main challenges you are facing in the studio?

LS: One of the main challenges is finding the balance between experimentation and artistic coherence. I want to explore new musical territories, but at the same time, I like to maintain my identity as a Synthesizer Artist. I work a lot on trance states to bring forth strong intuition during performances, even in the studio. I believe that exploring the right hemisphere of the brain through sound is the most exciting journey of my research.

Let’s talk about the messages and themes you intend to address in this project. What would you like to communicate through your music?

Louis: One of the main messages I want to convey is the importance of staying authentic and true to oneself. Not to be fooled by the marketing of the ephemeral! I want to encourage people to follow their passions and not be afraid to express their individuality. I think it is essential to embrace one’s uniqueness and find the courage to be oneself in a world that often tries to homogenize and financially enslave people. Furthermore, I want to address social and environmental issues. I am very sensitive to issues related to social justice, equality, racism, world peace (a crucial issue for all of us that I feel strongly about), and environmental sustainability. I hope that my music can inspire people to reflect on these themes and take action to create a better world.

It’s fantastic to know that your music also has a social impact. Do you plan to actively engage in causes or organizations that support these themes?

LS: I would like to use my artistic activity to raise awareness and support the causes that are close to my heart, but also to heal people because Music is the most powerful medicine for the Soul, a great therapy that makes the bright side of each of us shine. I firmly believe that music can be a powerful tool to spread peace, respect, compassion, and encourage positive change on our wonderful planet that we are recklessly devastating. I want to actively contribute to making a difference by using my music to inspire and uplift others. I am considering collaborating with organizations that align with my values and support social and environmental causes. Together, we can create a collective impact and work towards a better future.

I:  What will you do after recording this album?

LS: Looking ahead, after completing the recording sessions with this fabulous trio, which will take at least two more years of work, I plan to go on tour with Giovanni Imparato and Umberto Muselli to share our music with audiences around the world. I would like to create an engaging and memorable live show that allows people to have a profound experience during our concerts.

Thank you so much dearest Louis for everything.

LS.: Thank you for the opportunity to talk about this important Album for me. I deeply appreciate the support from Indieshark and its readers. I hope that my music can touch people’s hearts and bring some peace and light into their lives. Thank you again, and see you soon! I would like to thank all my loved ones and the people who support me every day, especially the renowned writer June Di Schino for strongly supporting the creation of this album.

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End of Interview