Rob Alexander “Young Man’s Eyes” (LP)

Rob Alexander’s latest musical endeavor, Young Man’s Eyes, is a sonic masterpiece that seamlessly blends rock sensibilities with heartfelt storytelling. With thirteen tracks clocking in at just around fifty minutes, this album takes listeners on an exhilarating journey filled with introspection, raw emotion, and infectious hooks that will have you humming along for days.


Kicking off the album is the atmospheric opener, “The Soul or the Skin,” which instantly hooks you with its haunting guitar melodies and Alexander’s soulful vocals. The track sets the tone for what’s to come, capturing the essence of self-discovery and the constant battle between our innermost desires and external expectations. It’s a gripping start that grabs your attention and refuses to let go. From there, Young Man’s Eyes dives headfirst into the captivating “Freak Show,” a rebellious anthem that delves into the complexities of identity and society’s unrelenting pressure to conform. Alexander’s vocal delivery exudes a fiery passion, matched perfectly by the explosive guitar riffs and pulsating rhythms. It’s an instant adrenaline rush that demands attention and invites you to embrace your true self.

Throughout the album, Alexander effortlessly showcases his songwriting prowess. Tracks like “Sometimes We All Fall Apart” and “Your Shelter” delve into the depths of human emotions, offering poignant reflections on resilience, heartbreak, and the longing for solace. Each song is a beautifully crafted story that resonates deeply, drawing you into Alexander’s world and leaving you with a sense of introspection. One of the standout tracks, “Pillars of Hercules (Davey, Nigel, & Dee),” is a musical tour de force that fuses gripping melodies with intricate instrumentals. The song grabs you by the collar and takes you on a wild ride, with its dynamic shifts and infectious energy. It’s a testament to Alexander’s versatility as a musician and his ability to create captivating sonic landscapes that keep you on the edge of your seat.

Collaboration shines on Young Man’s Eyes, notably on the track “Get Over Yourself” featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Gigi Worth. Their voices intertwine flawlessly, creating a harmonious blend that adds another layer of depth to the album. The song itself is an empowering anthem that encourages self-reflection and growth, leaving a lasting impact on the listener. As the album progresses, Alexander’s artistry continues to shine. “Like an Angel” delivers a tender ballad filled with introspective lyrics and an enchanting melody that lingers in your mind. “We Can Be Winners” injects a burst of optimism with its upbeat rhythm and infectious chorus, inspiring listeners to embrace their full potential.

The album’s closing tracks, “Merry Christmas In Heaven,” “The Kids Don’t Play Anymore,” “Fly on the Wall,” and “Black Widow Rising,” showcase the range of Alexander’s musical prowess. Each song tells a unique story, whether it’s the bitter realization of lost innocence, the introspective musings of an observer, or the powerful metaphor of rising above adversity.

In the end, Young Man’s Eyes stands as a testament to Rob Alexander’s undeniable talent as a singer-songwriter. The album is a captivating journey that combines introspection, infectious melodies, and heartfelt storytelling, leaving an indelible mark on the rock music landscape. With this release, Alexander solidifies his position as an artist to watch and Young Man’s Eyes is a must-listen for any music lover seeking an exhilarating sonic experience.

Mark Druery


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