We are chatting today with Avvi, a Nashville based musician. 

Avvi, how did you launch into the music scene? 

I debuted as a solo artist in 2021 after taking a break from music. Music has been in my blood since age 5 when I picked up the cello. I studied voice and cello for many years, but I took a step back from it all when I went to law school. However, I felt like a piece of me was missing when I stopped singing. After law school, I was motivated to get back into music and by then, I had built up a collection of songs written over the years that I was finally ready to share with others!

We are so excited for your new music! Tell us about the lead single and how you chose to put this one out first? 

Thank you! My recent release, “Top Shelf,” is about being neglected in a relationship that once felt so surreal. It’s a sassy, upbeat lamentation about the death of a relationship with a catch – that person has not fully let you go. They want you in their life, but just not front and center. So you end up feeling tossed aside and used. I didn’t want to write a sad relationship song, though, so I approached writing this from a fun, playful point of view.

I chose “Top Shelf” as the single for my EP Indulge Me because it’s upbeat and fun. It’s an alt-pop rock song with electric guitar, percussive breaks, and stacked vocals. “Top Shelf” is also the very first track on the EP. Indulge Me will be out on all streaming platforms on July 14, 2023!

What is your favorite part of pursuing music? Writing, recording, touring? 

My favorite part of creating music is the writing process. There’s something so gratifying about creating a song from scratch. As an introspective thinker, I have always gravitated towards writing when it comes to expressing my emotions, which is why I find songwriting cathartic.

What do you do for fun outside of music? 

Outside of music, I love to cook, bake, listen to crime podcasts, workout, and box!

Tell us where we can find your latest music and keep up with you on social media. 

You can find my music on all streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. You can also keep up with me on Instagram and Facebook @avvimusic or by visiting me at www.avvi.ink!

End of Interview