“Break! (My Heart)” (SINGLE) by Viiola Bloom

“Break! (My Heart)” is a riveting track from Viiola Bloom. This crooner is giving The Weeknd a run for his money in this synth heavy gem. Quick to elicit some killer synth, “Break! (My Heart)” showcases baritone vocals, gripping the listener in a way that elicits a night out at …

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Fitzsimon and Brogan – This Wicked Pantomime (LP)

Emerging from the silence with a galloping groove you’d have to be crazy to dismiss as anything other than addictive, Fitzsimon and Brogan’s “Dancing Partner” opens up the new album This Wicked Pantomime on a high note to say the least. Striking together red-hot riffing straight out of the garage with a …

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Apparitions (LP) by Joe Hodgson

Apparitions – By Joe Hodgson, is a 15 cut, full-length monster of an album and that is only just scratching the surface to put it lightly. The Northern Irish guitarist is a blues, rock and jazz fusion wonder influenced by the likes of Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore, with his …

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