Grey DeLisle – “O Holy Night” (SINGLE)

No matter your talent or your name recognition in the industry, it’s pretty hard to put a unique stamp on a song like “O Holy Night.” It’s material that just about everyone on the planet has covered at least once it seems like, and worse yet, it’s the sort of …

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Christopher Watson’s “Truth Is” (SINGLE)

Pop reached a point of stagnation once more about two years ago that has seen some of its best players experimenting with the parameters of their own sound in the time since, and in this spirit, Christopher Watson’s “Truth Is” delivers perhaps the perfectly progressive R&B experience to suit the …

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“Hold On” (SINGLE) from Qvntro

You don’t need a lot of lyrical substance with a groove that is plenty communicative in its own right, and if there’s one track proving this beyond a reasonable doubt right now, it’s the new single “Hold On” from Qvntro. From the moment that we meet the sturdy bassline at …

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