Conor Gains (Compass)

Conor Gains – Compass URL: The mind of a musician is a lot like a beehive. A thousand working parts seem to fall into sync to make up a single organism. The mind of singer/songwriter Conor Gains is no exception, and his new album Compass is a great way …

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Jiggley Jones – Not Your Typical Day Out

Jiggley Jones – Not Your Typical Day Out SPOTIFY: Whether trotting through the darkness, the light, or the strange places that lie in between, Not Your Typical Day Out, the new album from critically acclaimed alternative singer/songwriter Jiggley Jones, is a brilliantly experimental interpretation of modern folk music. As its …

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The Gothard Sisters – Midnight Sun

The Gothard Sisters – Midnight Sun TWITTER: Midnight Sun, the new album from the Gothard Sisters was written in contemporary Celtic folk style and with their uniquely distinct- arrangements and each of them tells a little story about something special to the three of them, thanks to hours upon …

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