Kingdom Illusion (LP) by Whiskerman

Though as powerful as the riffs beside it in “Fuck Yeah” and yet approachably melodic in the title track from Kingdom Illusion, the lead vocal in Whiskerman’s all-new album is hardly the conventional linchpin some would expect it to be in a record as ambitious as this one is, but it’s …

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Milquetoast & Co release EP for the Ages

INSTAGRAM: The hum of a cello and a tempered piano stagger out of a dark alley in “Lost Coffee,” the opening track and lead single from Milquetoast & Co.’s new extended play Kashmir the Great, and together clear a path for a vocal from Restless James that instantly sets …

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“Lonely Boy” by Midnight Shine

In the new single “Lonely Boy,” Midnight Shine and their charismatic frontman Adrian Sutherland deliver one of the most searing performances that they’ve attached their well-respected moniker to thus far, and while the content of the composition is more than satisfying on its own, the music video for the track …

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