We are chatting today with the Mosaics. You have a great story of how you launched into music. Can you share with us more about your story?

I grew up in rural Alabama and couldn’t start going to shows until I was able to get out of that area and get a vehicle. By the time most people my age had been going to shows for a decade, I was just getting started. Being put in a position as an outsider who’d only ever known about music from radio stations, concert films I could find at Walmart, and watching fliers get posted online for shows hours away really made me want it more once I got to go and it gave me a better appreciation once I started booking and working on what I wanted shows to look like.

We are so excited for your new music! Tell us about the lead single “Tidal Lock” and how you chose to put this one out first?

It was honestly the only way to fairly release it. Most everything else I’m currently working on right now sounds a lot more like Misery Signals and it’s not fair to this song or the other to compare them so this one will stand alone and the others will be released without it. I’ve wanted to do a song like this for a while so I’m really excited to share it.

What is your favorite part of pursuing music? Writing, recording, touring?

Each has its difficulties, but the part I appreciate the most is something coming together well. If I was to have a favorite part of each, it’d be: booking mixed genre shows to introduce people to new favorite bands or types of bands, layering lines with slant rhymes that blend two different allegories that sit perfectly together, or those last minute changes in a recording take that elevate the entire piece.

What do you do for fun outside of music?

I love to read, play video games, and watch movies; I’m very engaged by stories in general. I also like keeping up with football and baseball, cooking, and taking nature pictures outdoors.

Tell us where we can find your latest music and keep up with you on social media.

Twitter: @musicbymosaics
Instagram: @musicbymosaics
Facebook: @musicbymosaics



End of Interview