New Year, new music? 

Heeeey, thank you for having us…Not so much a new year now but we’ve been putting so much time into our new music this past year and the start of 2021. We started with a huge list of jams we’ve been working on over the years and then narrowed that list down to about 50…now the list is down to about 23 songs some of which will go onto our first album and some will come out as singles.

Any collabs happening this year? 

We are currently collaborating with a good friend who is really good at video editing, Nate Owens, on a visual EP for our last EP Dunia which will come out this summer. We are always open to collaborating on other projects and music but have been mainly focused on getting our new songs nice and groovy.

What are you doing to stay centered?

To stay centered we always write down our goals, spend as much time in nature as possible and stay connected with our family and fans around the world. It’s important to talk and ask the people you love how they are doing and not only communicate on social media.

Can you give us a little sneak peek to your most current project?

The visual EP for Dunia that’s coming out this summer is all about our relationship to nature versus our relationship to technology and how that affects children’s psyche and development, there’s a lot more exposure to the evils of this world constantly thrown in our faces. Kids these days see it all and we find that extremely hard to navigate. This will be portrayed through a dream like sequence where the viewer won’t know what is real and what is a dream, traveling through multiple realities and circumstances.

Where can we listen to your music and support it too?

YES PLEASE…Click here for all of our links

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