Big welcome to Osmunda Music. We have been LOVING your latest singles. Why did you lead with ‘Imagine You’ as the lead single?

I wanted to test the waters with a song that is not going to be on the album. This song is co-written, but the melody is mine, so I didn’t think it fit with the album, but I still liked the song so much.

We know everyone’s journey is different. What can you share with us about yours? 

My journey is a process of taking everything moment by moment and aiming towards your dreams. It’s a marathon, not a sprint! The journey is about showing up to do what you love even when you have your off days. My vision of owning a record studio has come true. Dreams do come true! It’s exciting to be able to wake up in the morning & know that I get to go to a place to be creative and make my dreams come true.

You have a really unique sound – how did you know you needed to share your gift of music with others? 

I’ve always wanted to connect to people, so channeling the music inside me to connect to others is what I’ve always subconsciously done. I’ve never wanted to copy anybody else & prefer to naturally embody my own sound.

Do you have plans for more music this year? Can you give us any inside scoop?

 Yes, I’m releasing an album in August and a few singles between then, so stay tuned! I commit 2-3 days of my week to fully focus on my music, so I’m definitely coming out with a lot of material. My goal for this year is to make more music and to start finding moments where I can perform live in Los Angeles. There’s nothing like the connection that comes with a live performance.

If we were riding in the car with you – what would we hear coming through the speakers?

Sometimes I like listening to music that is instrumental because I can get daydreamy and lost without getting pulled into somebody’s world. Artists like Khruangbin, Arlo Parks, Liana Flores, Dumbo Gets Mad,  or Tommy Guerrero are always playing on my playlists and inspiring me! Lhasa De Sela – con toda palabra is also a favorite of mine!

Where can we keep up with the latest on all you have going on and new releases?

I’m available everywhere at Osmunda Music:

INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/osmundamusic
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/osmundamusic

URL: solo.to/osmundamusic
URL osmundamusic.com

End of Interview