We are chatting today with Teyquil. You have a great story of how you launched into music. Can you share with us more about your story? 

Hello, so glad to be back. Thanks for having me. Well, my story is pretty straight forward, I was a kid with a dream from a neighborhood of poverty. My parents were supportive and hardworking but we didn’t have much. However, there was love in the house and I always felt safe and seen. My parents are no longer here but I’m sure they’re looking down on me. Music has always been a driving force in our house and I’m lucky to be able to accumulate the abilities to pull it all off. Thanks to my mom and dad and their musical gifts they utilized while here on earth.

We are so excited for your new music! Tell us about the lead single and how you chose to put this one out first? 

Well, the single is called “Flashy” and my approach to music was in transition as I wanted to convey more retro sounds, synths, heavy bass and sad boy chords in my music and Flashy was the perfect song to make that attempt in doing so. I’m super proud of it.

What is your favorite part of pursuing music? Writing, recording, touring? 

O.M. G! all three honestly. Every process is not only an experience but a learning lesson and I always discover something new with each process I’m working on whether it’s recording, touring, or writing. I love it all!!!

What do you do for fun outside of music?

I love to travel and read when I’m not doing music. It’s so wonderful learning something new and whether I’m travelling or reading, I always manage to discover information I wasn’t aware of and to me, that’s living.

Tell us where we can find your latest music and keep up with you on social media. 

You can find everything about me right here.  Teyquil | Spotify Teyquil (@teyquil) / Twitter Teyquil Teyquil Skelton (@tey_quil) | Instagram Home – Teyquil Skelton

End of Interview