Antwan Jenkins drops 2 New Singles

Antwan Jenkins can move you to tears, just as quickly as he can move you to groove on the dance floor. In Jenkins’ two new tracks, “More Of You” and “Victory” the Christian/gospel singer uplifts both the heart and soul. Jenkins, leader of Unified Worship out of Indianapolis, Ind., has a gregarious voice and his happiness radiates to the listener. Proving no mountain is too high, or valley too low, Jenkins’ enthusiasm and talents in both tracks are victorious. This man can sing, and he invites the community to partake in his joy.

It’s hard to say which of the two songs are my favorite – they are remarkably different in tone and presentation. “More Of You” has a slower pace, it’s more of a moving ballad. The piano keys sound dainty, and flutter in the background. The percussion is very steady, and much more braggadocios than the piano. Jenkins sings of God’s love and His power. We need your spirit to guide us till the end, we need your strength to mend our hearts again, we need your power to help us when we’re weak, we need your love, we need your love, Jenkins sings.

If you were listening to this without the lens of Christian music, I think, too, that you could present a case that when someone sings ‘we need more of you’ they are referring to the human spirit and kindness in all of us. We all need each other, we need YOU in our lives. I interpreted “More Of You” to have double-meaning. It’s a stirring track and the background is understated, giving more attention to Jenkins’ warm, grand vocals. He has an instant rapport with the audience, he’s genuine. As I listened to “More Of You” time stood still, and the journey to get there was a lovely time.


On a completely different scale, one that is more funky and horn-filled, “Victory” is a quick-tempo sensation. You can really hear the nuances of the bass guitar, the fun drum arrangements fill the spaces to the hilt. The devil tried to still my joy, he tried to take my piece of mind, he made me feel like giving up, but God said no, you got him once but not this time, Jenkins sings. This song has so much going for it – the vibe, the joyous message and the clearly-defined and mesmerizing Jenkins’ vocals. Just when you think the song is going to level out, it keeps going strong and maintains that bursting energy.

One can’t help but feel good and feel comforted after either track, but “Victory” has a special magic. It’s a keen reminder to never give up hope – no matter your religion – and keep the positive outlook going. It seems like there is always going to be someone trying to ruin your day, or be an obstacle, and songs like “Victory” highlight the relentless spirit in all of us. Jenkins’ voice and the song’s orchestrations draws from the inspiration of a higher spirit, but in the glory is the deed. “Victory” is triumphant.

Mark Druery