Rob Alexander’s “Get Over Yourself” (SINGLE) feat. Gigi Worth

If nothing else about Rob Alexander’s “Get Over Yourself” convinces you, the chorus will. The latest single from the South Florida singer/songwriter blazes from the beginning, refusing to give you any quarter, and when the music and singer alike shift into a higher gear during the refrain, it threatens to blow the roof off. Alexander has made a lasting mark on popular music with four albums in a six-year timeframe, but his new album Young Man’s Eyes promises to be his best yet on the back of forceful material such as this.


He comes across as a force of nature. Alexander brokers no compromise as he rips through successive lines of the lyrics and throws himself behind the song’s subject matter with near-evangelistic fervor. He’s seconded on the song by guest vocalist Gigi Worth and the time-tested longtime backing singer proves his mettle during the track’s second half. Taken together, Alexander and Worth are a formidable one-two singing punch that leaves even jaded listeners a little slack-jawed and in awe of their instant chemistry.

First-class instrumental performances accompany the singers. Alexander’s made frequent use of Elton John’s band when recording new material, along with members of Frankie Valli’s touring outfit, and their collective excellence puts an indelible stamp on the song. They are fully in tune with the moment. The concluding lead guitar for the song puts a vivid signature on the song’s ending that arguably works as its crowning moment. It acts as a sort of unexpected third vocalist in the song.

The dynamism propelling the song forward is impossible to resist. Hearing each vocalist ride the song’s seemingly endless wave of energy is a genuine joy. There’s the undeniable flair of an anthem surrounding the song, but it’s never the predictable rousing vibe marking other songs of this type. It has a much more personal feeling. You get the sense that what Alexander’s trying to say is a lesson he’s learned over the years rather than a hollow message tailored for mass consumption.

Writing a pop song about how the collective is more important than the individual without demeaning the listener takes talent. It is a convincing ride though and the chorus focuses on the song’s overall point with crystal clarity. Hearing a singer/songwriter get behind their message with the enthusiasm that Alexander brings to his vocals isn’t that common and it draws us deeper into the musical experience.

He’s never been content with regurgitating past successes. Rob Alexander has continually broached new terrain and challenged himself with each new release. “Get Over Yourself” is no different and it’s likely that Young Man’s Eyes’ other songs measure up to the same lofty standard. Bringing Gigi Worth in to join him for this song was a shrewd move, but “Get Over Yourself” is an excellent song in any iteration and sets the stage for the album’s remaining songs. It’s a must listen for anyone who loves top-shelf pop music and strong songwriting, so don’t hesitate to seek it out.

Mark Druery