Trisha and Thara “Out of the Dark” (SINGLE)

From its first moments, “Out of the Dark” is clearly a special track. Its gentle piano melody beckons listeners closer, and it’s not long before the shared vocals of Trisha and Thara deliver one of the richest melodies of 2023. There’s a defined knack for what it means to be a young artist, relatively new on the scene, from the song’s very start and the production feels almost indebted to that of popular pop maestro Jack Antonoff and his muted drum techniques with two of the world’s largest pop starlets in recent years, Taylor Swift and Lorde — the same percussion can be found within “Out of the Dark,” but the argument can be made that the sisters use it better here, as the beat drops out at points to great effect (“When I felt like tapping out…”) and the message of the song delivers itself through the production as much as it is carried through the lyrics.



It’s an impressive track to find from two young artists such as Trisha and Thara, and to find out that the song was originally written for the girls’ mother as a birthday gift carries a great deal of emotional weight. The song is matter-of-fact in a way that so many songs nowadays aren’t, and the overall appeal of the single rests on the idea that there’s a bond between the mother and her daughters that is unbreakable. The power that “Out of the Dark” carries itself with is impressive and daunting, and if the act is so good this early on, there’s no telling what the future holds for the sisters as they gear up to enter the big leagues.

About the track, the sisters say “‘Out of the Dark,’ [is] a cinematic and dramatic track that takes you on an emotive journey,” and the description is pretty accurate — there’s something distinctly cinematic about the track in its production, another element of living in a post-Antonoff world where music can come across as muted and lo-fi. Trisha and Thara never mute their sound or ambition, though, and through the production of Janos Fulop, the song ascends to massive highs with its finale bursting at the seams in blinding technicolor.

“Out of the Dark” is a single that perfectly shows off the talents of Trisha and Thara, allowing the sisters to be open about their emotions without judgment or shame. The song is, at its core, a gift to their mom, but it’s also about family, and even beyond that it’s a song that works as a safety net and warm blanket. It’s a gentle hug for listeners stuck in a rut, reminding us that there is always someone that will be there to pull us out of our own dark. It’s an impressive feat that the duo was able to make something so personal and genuine because, through that earnest songwriting, their personal love letter has evolved into something universal. The merits of a great songwriter are all here, and it’s easy to see Trisha and Thara’s spotlight coming in off of the horizon.

Mark Druery


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