Go Time “Anything Could Happen” (LP)

Go Time’s new album, Anything Could Happen, is a raucous and wild ride through the vast expanse of the rock genre. The band, consisting of Scott Niekelski on Main Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Steve Grzenia on Percussion and Backing Vocals, Paul Schmidt on Guitar and Backing Vocals, and Mark Marketti on …

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Paul Jacks “Amphibious” (LP)

Produced by respected composer Alex Newport, known for similar work with acts as diverse as Death Cab for Cutie and At the Drive In, among others, Paul Jacks’ new collection Amphibious moves on from the past without foregoing what brought Jacks to the dance. The personal touch distinguishing prior albums such as Black …

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Johnnie Mikel “Purgatory’ (LP)

Thrusting itself from the speakers like a wild animal that has just been uncaged, the deluge of guitar melodicism that we find in the first few important peaks of Johnnie Mikel’s “Vulnerability” is undeniably some of the most exciting of any found on his new LP Purgatory. In this strikingly strong …

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