We are SO excited to be chatting with YOU! What has been taking up your days as of lately when it comes to your music? 

Thank you for having us! As of lately we have been working on our first full length album and moving into a new studio which has been a true blessing because it’s very competitive to find an affordable, decent sized studio in Los Angeles…so we really got lucky finding our new space. It will enable us to finish up writing and creating all of the demos from the album so we can start sharing it with our dream producers and see what kind of bites we get, we already have a couple very exciting potential collaborations that would blow your socks off!  The new studio will also allow us to host more live stream shows, which we’re really looking forward to because we miss the energy of playing out! It’s not the same but at least we get to share our music with other amazing humans!

Where does your stage name originate?

We really wanted our name to carry some weight, have a strong meaning that could be discussed and interpreted in different ways. We want it to represent us as well as the collective good of humanity. We took our time landing on this name but it found us and it just felt right when we decided. Blooming Fire is essentially talking about the fire within us all, that passion in our souls that needs to be tended to. Infinitely blooming the fire within your soul throughout  your life, being open to growth and change, evolution and never remaining stagnant. Life is all about this journey and we want to inspire others to ignite that passion within themselves, it’s never too late.

Who were your role models growing up as artists? 

We were lucky to all had a ton of role models from family members to teachers but some of our biggest musical role models were 311, Rush, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jewel, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Jordan, Tony Hawk, Jon Bonham, Cake, Perpetual Groove, Paul McCartney, Jim Carey, Julia Roberts, Tyra Banks, Gwen Stefani, Whoopi Goldberg, Billie Joe Armstrong, Ellen Paige, Princess Diana, Spice Girls…literally with 4 people in our band all different ages there’s so many we could list. We found inspiration everywhere but more so the experiences we had growing up was what inspired us most, playing outside in nature, camping and gardening. Barefoot all summer on bicycles and running free and wild.

Do you feel pressure when you decide to post things on your social media? 

We used to but now we just really don’t care how it’s received. We show up as our most authentic selves and people can either take it or leave it. If we don’t have time to post and the algorithm hates us then so be it, we’re not going to let algorithms and social media control our lives, we’re living in the moment. We try to just have fun with it and connect with our fans, we absolutely love our secret fan community, the Earth Headz, where we get to directly interact one on one with our fans!

Where can our audience find you and support all your current and new projects!! 

Get to know our EPs and videos, follow us because we have a lot of new music and videos coming out this next year! Sign up for our mailing list or join the Earth Headz so you’re first to know about our debut album!

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