Welcome to Brian Congdon! We are loving your latest release “Miss” What can you tell us all about the new song?

That song to me is one of my favorites I’ve ever written. It came from a very real place in my heart.

What is your creative process like when bringing a song to life? Did you write this one?  

I wrote this one alone in my bedroom over a year ago, I really just thought about what was going on in my life at that time and put those words into a song.

Do you have a favorite part about pursuing music? Is it writing, recording, performing?

Performing is definitely my favorite part of this whole dream!

Did any artists have influenced your music the most and why?

I’ve taken a lot of influence from Luke combs and Parker McCollum. Their music styles are ones that I’ve tried to emulate on my own.

Thanks for answering our questions today. We appreciate your time.  Tell fans where they can find you and follow along and also listen to your new music!

My music is currently available on Apple Music, Spotify and really anywhere you can stream music!

End of Interview