The Sway

Tell us about the new single coming up, we hear the video shoot was truly impressive.  Any deets you can share? 

The house was amazing, I’m a huge fan of architecture and this place blew me away. It’s my favorite video so far, that’s about all I can say, go watch it and bop your head!

To whom or what do you accredit your sense of style as a band? 

I guess I am in charge of styling the band most times, and I really don’t know where I get it from. One day I’m into contemporary street styles and the next I dress like a grandpa. It really shifts drastically and I don’t know what inspires my ever changing wardrobe.

PRETTY MOUTH.  Tell us about that song title!!

I like things that sound odd, and a song about sex can easily get lost in the mix these days, if it doesn’t have an odd title.

Are you guys the best at what you do?  Why?

There are tons of bands that do pop music great, although I don’t listen to much new stuff coming out now. I’d say we are a different, fresh approach to pop rock which in  my opinion is quite tired right now.

All of you attended COLLEGE (Please don’t mention MI).  Tell us about that experience!

Definitely the best part of college was meeting the band, I was a solo artist back then and after meeting Cadu I knew there was something about having a band that just felt more real.

Friends first or you met in the band? 


One word that describes each one of you ( one word per member)

Freddy would have to be the weirdo, Cadu’s the crazy one, Nick is the collected one and Daniel is the charmer.

When you’re all in the car..what’s playing? 

Everything from The Smiths to Kendrick Lamar.