Alice the G00n “CYA” (SINGLE/VIDEO)

Alice the G00n’s rise to the forefront of indie musical talents continues with the single “CYA” and the song’s music video. The latter’s recent debut should propel her trajectory several hundred extra miles as it is nothing less than a startling visual realization of the talents at her fingertips. She’s enlisted the aid of such film luminaries as Stunt Coordinator Frank Trigg, renowned for his work on Barry and The Book of Boba Fett, as well as Visual Effects Producer Jeremy Brooks, famed for his contributions to Echo 3 and This Is Us, among others. The piece’s percolating heart, however, is Alice the G00n, and the camera adores her as it does few others.


There’s palpable exhilaration surrounding her performance. She’s full of crackling physical energy as she moves from floor to floor in the corporate office where she once worked and Alice dispatches the assortment of office drones and executives with relish. Anyone who has ever slaved in such an environment will likely cheer her on as they watch this clip. The camera doesn’t linger long over the video’s scenes of murder and violence and moves with the same fast-paced murderous glee that characterizes Alice’s assault on the office and its staff. The subplot of the two office workers who manage to get away, one a female staffer and the other a male executive, offers us a bit of a respite from Alice’s rampage but ultimately strikes the same dark note.

There’s a surprising amount of humor balancing out the violence. It’s dark humor, mind you, but nonetheless leavens an otherwise graphic atmosphere. Alice deserves credit for creating a real sense of suspense during the course of the video; we know she’s going to come out on top, that’s never the question, but we’re gripped to see just how she arrives at her goal. Her journey from floor to floor never repeats itself. Each new floor she attacks brings different visions of violence from the floor before, and you can’t help but be taken in by the sheer amount of imagination Alice and her collaborators bring to bear.

The song is a perfect soundtrack for this journey. Alice clearly plays to the music at various points throughout the video, she never forgets what she’s promoting with this clip, and it enriches the viewing and listening experience alike. “CYA” is a potent track from its first second through the last and ideally suited for the video’s contents. She pulls out all of the stops and exceeds any expectations. The mix of her strident dismissive attitude and delicate touch of numerous passages will spellbind listeners.

It is a dazzling debut for Alice the G00n as a director. Let us hope that future video clips find her tackling their creation with the same brash vigor and willingness to take chances. If you have not heard the single before, there are few better ways to introduce yourself to her wide-ranging talents. It’s a doozy and difficult, if not impossible, to forget. There’s plenty of evidence that she’s only scratching the surface of her gifts, and the future looks more boundless than ever.

Mark Druery