Cameron Joseph “Run To The Cross” (SINGLE)

Cameron Joseph’s debut original single “Run To The Cross” is a beautiful example of how Christian rock music can blend seamlessly with indie rock. Joseph’s stunning voice, coupled with the lush piano, is a perfect combination. The piano is the backbone of the song, giving it a beautiful and tender feel from the first moments of the single. The growing epic scope and scale of the track are a testament to the expertise of the production team. The addition of strings is an especially nice touch, adding a sense of grandeur to the song.


When compared to other indie Christian rock artists, Joseph stands out as someone who has found a way to create music that is both earnest and accessible. His music feels in line with mainstream indie rock acts, too, thanks to the polished production and skilled instrumentation. The Fray is a band that comes to mind when listening to “Run To The Cross.” Both Joseph and The Fray have a knack for writing songs that are full of emotion and vulnerability, without being overwrought.

The lyrics of “Run To The Cross” are filled with imagery and metaphors that are steeped in Christian theology, but the song never feels preachy. Instead, Joseph’s words feel like a heartfelt plea to anyone who has ever felt lost or alone. The chorus, in particular, is a standout moment. It’s a message of hope and redemption that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt lost.

The production on “Run To The Cross” is top-notch, with each instrument given its own space to shine. The piano, in particular, is front and center opening the track with its rich sound filling the song with warmth and tenderness. The drums are used sparingly, but when they do come in, they add a sense of urgency to the song. The strings are used to great effect, too, giving the song a sense of grandeur that builds to a stunning crescendo.

Joseph’s voice is the standout element of “Run To The Cross.” His deep, rich vocals arrive with a vulnerability that sets him apart from his contemporaries, full of emotion and power – he uses it to great effect on this track. The harmonies on the chorus are especially nice, with Joseph’s voice blending seamlessly with the backing vocals. Overall, Cameron Joseph’s “Run To The Cross” is a stunning example of how Christian rock music can be both earnest and accessible. The lush piano, soaring strings, and Joseph’s powerful vocals combine to create a track that is both emotional and uplifting. The production is top-notch, with each instrument given its own space to shine.


Fans of indie Christian rock acts like The Fray will find much to love here, but even those who are not fans of the genre will find themselves drawn in by Joseph’s heartfelt lyrics and powerful voice. “Run To The Cross” is a triumph and a testament to the power of music to heal and inspire.

Mark Druery