“Christmas Festa” (SINGLE) by Franchesco De Rosa

If you’re looking to galvanize your Christmas and holiday musical library, then “Christmas Festa” (Mountain Rio Records) is your jam. The EDM fueled gem is courtesy of United Kingdom’s Franchesco De Rosa, whose real name is Frank Robinson, and is an uplifting surround-sound experience. It’s like child’s play to immerse yourself in the bright, shine-like-a-diamond melodies Franchesco De Rosa has composed. Stealth-like and containing just enough bounce to get you back to your rhythm, “Christmas Festa” has it all.

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Surging like a car on the Autobahn, Franchesco De Rosa’s bombastic track showcases the sonic scientist’s concoction of low beats and a bevy of higher tones. If you close your eyes and engulf yourself in the music, a myriad of holiday cheer is bestowed upon you. A thrill, a journey to familiar holiday tones that are just slightly twinged, “Christmas Festa” is a festival of the lights and sounds of holidays across the globe. It’s lovely and sugary sweet all-at-once.

Like most EDM songs, there are no lyrics, but I can surmise that this song is about preparing for the holidays with a loved one. It’s romantic at times, a little hush, then some flirtatious rhythms. Visually I imagined a young couple playing in the snow, laughing at the childhood games they’re playing. Franchesco De Rosa has a softness, a delicate vibe during some moments. It also reminds me of the sound snow might make glistening in the sunlight. It could even capture the sound that snow would make when it hits the ground, or in a playful snowball fight. “Christmas Festa” is unabashedly warm, bright and comfy.

You feel a part of something, like you’re establishing a moment. One thing that I found interesting is that Franchesco De Rosa didn’t use a lot of circular or dizzying sound movements. Often caught in the wonderment of Christmas, we feel small like we’re gazing up at large Christmas trees. He somehow finds a way to create the illusion of looking up and looking all around in this song. The beats just keep folding each other over and over. Maybe that is just the holidays. Family members and loved ones keep visiting, you hear from friends that might have waited until the holidays to call and text. The phone keeps dinging with a new call or message. I think these are all fully explored in “Christmas Festa” and that wave of love that hits you over and over while listening.

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EDM fans will be in great hands with Franchesco De Rosa’s “Christmas Festa”. It’s one more reason to celebrate the season and rejoice in the love of family and friends. It’s comforting and joyful – just the right mix of holiday flare every holiday music lover can agree is important. Something else to consider for your shopping list, too, is Franchesco De Rosa/Frank Robinson’s collection of romance novels and children’s books. He’s quite prolific in music, also recording country music under the name Mountain Rio, and in literature. There you have it – a gift for everyone on your list.

Mark Druery

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