Gabriel Saro & Charlotte Grisley “I Love The New Year’s Day” / “Come To My Place” (SINGLES)

Gabriel Saro and Charlotte Grisley’s two new singles, “I Love The New Years Day” and “Come To My Place,” are a fantastic showcase of their musical talents. The two tracks are a perfect balance of classic balladry and modern pop production, showcasing the pair’s instrumental and vocal abilities.


“I Love The New Years Day” is a soft ballad that immediately draws listeners in with its warm guitar melody and Grisley’s emotive vocals. Saro’s production skills are evident in the song’s gentle, yet layered production, which allows Grisley’s voice to shine. The track’s lyrics center around the idea of new beginnings, making it a perfect choice for the start of a new year. Despite its nostalgic sound, the track never feels outdated or cliché, thanks to the duo’s modern production techniques.


“Come To My Place” takes things in a more pop-centric direction, with Grisley once again taking the lead vocals. The track has a more conventional pop sound, with a catchy chorus and chugging percussion that feel akin to Savage Garden and their ‘90s contemporaries. The song’s lyrics are filled with romantic yearning, with Grisley singing about wanting someone to come to her place and stay forever. The track’s infectious energy is matched by Saro’s skillful instrumental work, which is particularly evident in the track’s guitar solos. Overall, both tracks serve as a fantastic showcase for Gabriel Saro and Charlotte Grisley’s talents.


Saro’s skills as a producer and instrumentalist are on full display, with his warm guitar tones and layered production adding depth and emotion to both tracks. Grisley’s vocals are equally impressive, with her ability to convey emotion and vulnerability shining through on both tracks. Together, the duo has created two songs that feel simultaneously nostalgic and fresh, paying homage to the classic ballads of the 90s while never feeling regressive or trite. One of the most impressive things about the two tracks is their versatility.


“I Love The New Years Day” is a perfect choice for a slow dance or a solo quiet night in, while “Come To My Place” is more of an introspective piece to get fans thinking. The two songs together are a powerful pair, and while Saro has made such a massive name for himself out of his own solo work, it’s his collaborations that always showcase just how good of an ear he has.


This versatility is a testament to Gabriel Saro and Charlotte Grisley’s skills as songwriters and performers, as they have managed to create two tracks that will appeal to a wide variety of listeners. Saro and Grisley’s two new singles are a must-listen for anyone who loves classic ballads and modern pop production pieced back together through a lens of nostalgia and retro instrumentals. The duo has managed to create two tracks that feel simultaneously nostalgic and fresh, showcasing their musical talents in a way that is sure to win them many new fans. If it’s because of a soft spot for ‘90s ballads or a deep-seated nostalgia in the music we all grew up on, or maybe you’re simply someone who appreciates great music, these two tracks are not to be missed.


Mark Druery