Greye’s new single-video “Lucky”

As physical as any of the instrumentation guiding it is, the lead vocal in Greye’s new single “Lucky,” provided by one Hannah Summer, is easily one of the most important components for us to zero-in on in this hot slab of crossover rock, but if you think it’s the only gem to behold in this treasure chest of melodicism, you’re in for quite the surprise this spring. With Summer at the helm, Greye unleash one of the more intriguing bouts in beat and harmony that you’re going to find on the left side of the dial in “Lucky,” and although it’s hardly the only indie treat that the underground has produced in 2020, it’s definitely one of the best to come out of the American south without debate.


Greye come from Daytona Beach, Florida, and there’s no doubt that the sweet sounds of southern rock have influenced their approach to riffage. There’s a lot of muscularity in the main melody here, but none of it is created by inorganic means. The guitars rage against the backdrop of a smooth bassline, forging a fiery contrast between the ensuing instrumental harmony and that of the lead vocal, but despite the multidimensional construction of the hook, nothing here feels so out of the box that casual listeners couldn’t enjoy “Lucky” as much as the more devoted audiophile would. That’s a difficult combination of audiences to satisfy for any artist or act, let alone one that is as fresh on the scene as this particular crew is.

Compositional self-control is a key element in the arrangement of this track, and specifically with regards to the tempo, and I think that a lot of Greye’s contemporaries could stand to learn a lot from the conservative approach that they take to the framework of this single. With a black and white melody like the one they’re wrangling here, it’s often best to keep the bombast on the sidelines in favor of employing a straightforward rhythm and rhyme that can appeal to listeners across the spectrum (as opposed to one targeted group over another, as is the case with most major label releases). Greye might be a new name in the headlines, but its players are acting like old pros in this swaggering single.

Although “Lucky” is different than I expected it would be, mostly based on the eclectic breakdowns I had heard of its content from industry insiders, I can’t say that I’m not totally impressed with what it says about, and does for, the artists behind its creation. This is an experimental rock tune that shows a lot of promise for Greye, and if they’re able to ride this formula forward, I think they’re going to find a lot of success in both the underground and, inevitably, the mainstream as well. This is a crazy time for American indie rock, and among the more curious acts that audiences need to be paying attention to, this has undeniably become one of my personal favorites this early spring season.

Mark Druery

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