Kayden Gordon “Blamin’ Me” (SINGLE)

Pop music’s greatest hybrid features are becoming quite common in rock music these days, if not a new standard in the genre’s alternative scene, but there are still a handful of singer/songwriters around ready to answer prayers for old guard purities this spring. One of them is none other than Kayden Gordon, an underground player whose new single “Blamin Me” is rocketing into the headlines thanks to its bittersweet melodies and tuneful leading man, whose charm is undeniable from almost every angle in the track. He’s a purist from an aesthetical point of view, but more than this, he’s someone who wants to make quality rock music.

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As many have already noted about this artist’s work, the harmonies are the treasure in Kayden Gordon’s sound, and they’re anything but bland in “Blamin Me.” Here, they set up an emotional theatre in which the verses will play out a story of both romance and unyielding contemplation. The lyrical protagonist is facing love and all of its glory, but quickly finds himself overwhelmed at what this prospect means for his life within the context of the track. The harmony between our singer and the instrumentation amplifies the tone of these words and truly makes this performance feel like more than just another indie rock single with a sweet pop center.

These lyrics aren’t surreal nor overly straightforward, which is becoming an increasingly difficult middle ground to find in any genre of music, including those created well outside of the mainstream universe. Though his words are always the central focus in “Blamin Me,” I feel like Gordon wants us to pay just as much attention to the way he’s framed them with the hook. If this wasn’t the case, I don’t know that the arrangement would be as meticulously fluid as it is here, nor would the chorus sound as robust as it does regardless of where your volume knob is sitting.

This instrumental setup is inarguably a simple one, but to those who might say Gordon’s approach is a little stripped-down for what the modern rock sound requires, I would ask what exactly is missing from the melodic punch of “Blamin Me.” There’s already so much force to this simplistic ballad without the introduction of artificialities that I fear including even a faint bassline’s quiet hum would be a bit much for the overall flow of the music. This isn’t amateur songcraft at all; in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

If you haven’t yet explored the work of one Kayden Gordon in 2024, “Blamin Me” will have you very intrigued by the notion. Gordon has a voice that can melt your heart without even singing anything particularly insightful, but that’s the thing about this pop singer; it seems like he always has something really meaningful and enchanting to share with the audience. His voice is something the mainstream needs more than anyone realizes at the moment, and if exposed through the proper channels I think he’s going to win his scene over.

Mark Druery