Paul Avgerinos “Ganesha” (SINGLE)

Paul Avgerinos creates a whole new layer of chill and contentment in the super cool “Ganesha”. The single is from Avgerinos’ album Devotion and features singer Emma Kiara. Their voices bounce off each other like raindrops falling from the sky, beading together like a perfect pattern. “Ganesha” is riddled with ambient sounds, generous electrical pulses and a calming force. Let go and slip into the meditative rhythms. Avgerinos casts a charming net, picking up all the twinkling stars that seem to align in this unique hit.


Bubbling beneath the exotic sounding vocals, lies a music bed that is both intoxicating and smooth. This song can at times be a backing music that one might picture as the soundtrack walking into a super chic bar in downtown Manhattan. During other listens, “Ganesha” had a total yoga and Pilates studio vibe happening. It’s a song that invigorates the listener and reaches at the soul to connect them to their other environment. I felt like the percolating beats surrounded me as if they were lifting me up, not tearing me down.

“Ganesha” is an optimistic song. The flow is watery, almost gooey. In other instances, I’ve noticed that ambient songs can sometimes sound forced or even too fabricated. Avgerinos has found that magic spot – a sound that so many artists and composers chaise. He does it so effortlessly, it’s almost silly. Some other ideas that came to mind while listening to the cadence of this song is that it does feel very intimate. I’m certain this song could be an interesting live performance, but given the nature, it feels especially right to be an at home listening experience, or for your morning commute. It rolls along, much like the quirky, futuristic music bed found in U2’s “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me”. Avgerinos creates a fluid space. As a listener, it was easy to jump in and marinate in that sound for some time.

I kept going back, too. “Ganesha” repeats the lyrics, and by the second spin or so, the words are rolling off your tongue easily. I liked that about it – that rapport with the singers is almost tangible. It’s reassuring and inviting. I liked how this song made me feel relaxed, but not so relaxed that I wanted to sleep. I felt like the singers were conveying a mantra, but one that is giving and to be shared to everyone.

Mark Druery