Tanya Mezh “Wanderlust” (SINGLE)

I went into hearing Tanya Mezh’s music with trepidation wondering what a fifteen-year-old singer, however talented, might have to say to a middle-aged music reviewer. However, such worries were needless. If nothing else, Mezh’s unabashed joy as a performer and immense musicality should remind even the most jaded listener why they fell in love with music. Her latest single, “Wanderlust”, is an invigorating musical work that perhaps represents her finest moment yet.

URL: https://tanyamezh.com/

Mezh first captured public attention in 2019. Her appearance in the Junior Eurovision Song Context showed her as a premier talent to watch. It was the next logical step in a journey beginning at four years old when Mezh first began taking vocal lessons, learning musical instruments, and dancing. In two years, Mezh started entering vocal competitions and performing in concert events. Her development accelerated when she entered Igor Krutoy’s Music Academy at eight years old.

Her recording career began in 2019 with the release of the singles “Time for Us” and “The Fifth Element”. The new single “Wanderlust” is her fifteenth single since then. This prolific output hasn’t come at the expense of quality. It’s a performance with a mid-tempo pace and delightful soulfulness from the outset. The soulful tone comes from the arrangement’s light R&B influences and the remarkably full-bodied vocal Mezh supplies despite her youth.

Her instincts are far beyond her years. She never treats the lyrics with coy playfulness but adopts a straightforward and deeply felt directness that eschews sentimentality. Even when she sings about pursuing her dreams no matter where her travels take her, it’s free from any garish romanticism. Instead, it moves listeners with relaxed yet undeniable energy.

Mezh and her collaborators work together to give “Wanderlust” a manageable shape. It barely cracks the two-minute mark. Nonetheless, “Wanderlust” is a satisfying musical experience. Mezh’s art satisfies every requirement for anyone who loves top-flight pop music, and despite boasting of such influences as Billie Eilish, Mezh avoids anything resembling outright imitation.

She has an impressive presence for such a young singer. Mexh navigates through the changes with audible confidence and effortlessly radiates likeability at every turn. She benefits, as well, from outstanding production attributes. “Wanderlust” has a fresh, vibrant sound that engages listeners and highlights Mezh’s voice without ever giving a short shift to the musical accompaniment. Its current chart position, #40 on iTunes Pop, reflects how audiences already embrace her new single.

It is my belief that Mezh’s music bridges any possible differences. Don’t let her status as a Russian-born and raised performer dissuade you from giving songs such as “Wanderlust” a chance. One of art’s crucial functions in a disorderly order is to close the distance dividing people and help us realize that a common thread of emotional experiences binds us all. Tanya Mezh’s music accomplishes this, and I believe that songs such as “Wanderlust” remind us why we feel drawn to music. It is entertaining, without question, but it likewise resonates with us in ways few other art forms achieve.

Mark Druery