Dynamos – ‘Stainless’

Dynamos – ‘Stainless’

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This is a fast paced song with boldness accompanying it. Nadia’s clear and melodic voice works well with the instrumentals and creates a very pleasant piece. The addition of the lyrics expresses a sense of urgency as well as decay which makes for a more interesting and passionate song. The group has a lot of members and perhaps because of that the instrumental side of the music contains a great deal of depth as well.

Stainless has a very upbeat sound. The lead vocalist Nadia Elmistikawy has a great clear voice. The combination of her vocals and the instrumentals makes for a toe tapping sound. Instrumentals are done by: Nick Schaadt on Bass, Jacob Mayeda, lead guitar, Ian Nakazawa on drums, Carlos Barrera as additional Guitar and Elliott Lawrence, Guitar. Because Dynamos includes so many members on guitar they are able to make a more lively sound and add different layers of guitars playing music at the same time. They are located in California currently.

The lyrics of the song are very rhythmic. They rhyme flow well and sound good together. One of the lines that stand out in the piece is, “my lover is on his way. He’s an ambulance heading straight for me”. The use of the word ambulance is what makes the line really stand out. The image of an ambulance is symbolic of urgency. The vehicle is also in motion based on the lyrics. Her lover is rushing to get to her, using the word ambulance is a unique way of expressing that urgency. The pace of the instrumentals also adds to that urgency. Another line from the song is, “trying not to rust.” Using the word rust is a nod towards the title stainless. Stainless is usually associated with the word steel and the cover also features a silver, what appears to be steel background. Rust is aged steel/metal. This lyric is expressing resistance to change, to aging and imperfection.

The photo that goes with the single is of the lead singer, Nadia. She is clothed in a crop top jacket it is rather eye catching. Her appearance adds a sense of liveliness to the cover for the band. Her jacket is shiny and covered in gold, sequence and silver. It’s a hodgepodge of covers and vivaciousness. There is a stainless steel background with a cross texture. Her red lipstick matches the title of the single that is in a bold cursive below her.

The cover photo corresponds with the sound in the way that urgency is woven throughout the song. It is the flashiness that works with the urgency. Urgency is accompanied by symbolism of decay, of rusting. These contrasting images give a complex and true to life feel to the song. Everyone in this word is urgently running away from decay and ultimately death. This piece is upbeat and about life, but also makes an interesting circle around the whole spectrum which life presents us. This fluctuation in emotion and sound is what makes this piece intriguing and worth listening to.

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/dynamosmusic

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