Sobak “A Little More Time” (LP) 

Anthony Sobak’s music has several factors distinguishing it from run-of-the-mill fare. His vocals are definitely one of the key ingredients giving him a different flavor. Sobak’s voice is far from conventionally “pretty”, but it’s bursting with soul and rugged unquestionable passion. The miles you hear in his vocals lend added …

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Vineet Singh “Run! Run! Run!” (SINGLE)

Vineet Singh Hukmani’s ambitions separate him from the pack. The Indian singer/songwriter isn’t content with the tried and true approach to releasing new music but, instead, casts his nets far afield of the ordinary. It didn’t begin that way, however. Hukmani established his reputation during the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath …

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Toy City Releases Self-Titled Debut (LP)

Toy City’s self-titled debut features seven originals written by Paul Burke and Steve Shaheen along with two surprising covers. The covers bookend the album revealing the conscious intent behind the track listing and the remaining seven tracks hold up well in comparison. There’s an obvious aesthetic driving the creation of …

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