The Sisters J “Clearly” (SINGLE/VIDEO)

The Sisters J, collectively Lily and Elisabeth Jackson, are extraordinary young vocal talents and siblings who’ve partnered as a singing duo. The latest single from Nashville’s latest musical exports is “Clearly”, a song that marries a top-notch AOR rock backing with the sisters’ outstanding vocals and harmonies. It may sound …

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Elsewhere “Life…is a Fraction” (LP)

Onetime manager of Guns ‘n’ Roses, among others, Vicky Hamiliton’s Dark Spark Records are gatekeepers for Elsewhere’s full-length Life… is a Fraction. The first ten tracks of the dozen included on this release constitute a conceptual work telling a story about a character who discovers the Fractional Theory of Incremental Time …

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MUMEx Duo “Heat the Silent” (LP)

Louis Siciliano and Mauro Salvatore’s MUMEx Duo has carved out a rather impressive global niche for themselves in modern jazz unlike any other. One often encounters this sort of language in reviews, however, and you can immediately pin it down as customary journalistic puffery that has little, if anything, to …

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