Vianchi – “Die [Alone]” (SINGLE)

There is a subtle air of mystique, surrounding R&B artist, Vianchi. His sound is easily categorized, but his persona isn’t as transparent. Hailing from Springfield, MA, he seems relatively new to the industry. We don’t have much material to go off, but his new single “Die [Alone]” shows a great …

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Bloom’s Taxonomy – Foley Age (LP) 

Simmering beneath the surface in a fuzzy hue, we discover the outlandish melodic tones that will serve as the centerpiece for “Tumbleweed Tornado,” one of the ten tracks to be heard on Bloom’s Taxonomy’s Foley Age this late winter season. Though the structure of the song quickly lends itself over to synthesized …

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DICI Releases EP

It’s a refreshing occurrence, when the music industry shows the ability to still surprise you. Occasionally, an artist arrives who is so stupendously idiosyncratic and animated, that it restores your faith in originality. Now, it’s too premature to say that young Italian rapper, Dici is leading the charge to a …

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