Szabotage “Six-Pack” (LP)

Vancouver, Canada-based quartet Szabotage is a newcomer to the rock landscape, founded in April 2020, but they’ve established a signature style and sound within a little more than two years. Szabotage emerged out of two distinct creative “parts” colliding to form a greater whole. Guitarist Victor Szabo and vocalist James …

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Bettman & Halpin “Timeless” (LP) 

From passive melodies ala “It’s Only a Paper Moon” to a quaint harmony around every bend in “Summertime,” Bettman & Halpin manage to cover all the bases with their new album Timeless, all while promoting a rather minimalistic attitude when it comes to songcraft. The majority of the songs in Timeless are standards, …

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Kate Lynne Logan “Sleeping Giants” (LP)

Working away at a brittle harmony in “You’re the One,” Kate Lynne Logan at once embodies the indulgent folk-pop of the past and the efficiency of the modern singer/songwriter. In “Better Life,” her affection for western melodicism protrudes into her poetry, carrying forth a message of solidarity with the rural …

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