Alonzo is a man of many talents.  A songwriter, singer, dancer and creative soul, he is an Artist to watch.  Having recently shot his upcoming new video, we caught up with him to learn more about his first original music release and the groundbreaking video to follow.

Alonzo, tell us about your summer plans!

Hey! Thank you guys for taking the time to interview me. This summer is about to be all work and no play. I’m really excited though because it is the work that i love to do. I’ll be in the studio finishing up my Debut EP and really looking forward to releasing my debut single “Your Medicine” on July 31st. Other than that, we will be shooting music videos and preparing for the fall. Busy but fun summer ahead!

What can you tell us about the new music you are currently working on? 

This music is the first body of work that I feel confident enough to release. I’ve been pursuing a music career for about 8 years. I’ve always performed and toured singing covers because the music that I had never fit the quality of anything I wanted the world to see. I think we finally have the music that represents me. Its music from my heart with no limitations. I think it is a true representation of who I am. I am an artist of many colors with many gifts. My music is Rock, Pop, Soul, Funk and everything in between. There is literally something for everyone if you love music.

What have been your favorite releases from major artists this year? 

To be quite honest I haven’t really fell in love with anything released this year. MUSIC Isn’t the same! My playlist is constantly on repeat with music of the past.

Who do you consider your greatest heroes? 

Ahhhhh so many people! I stand on the shoulders of so many greats who have trail blazed and made it possible for an artist like me. I even consider my ancestors that I don’t even know the names of my heroes.

To name a few of my music hero’s I’d say the father of Rock & Roll Little Richard & The King of Pop Michael Jackson. My biggest inspiration living today is definitely Beyoncé. It’s about more than her music. I’m forever inspired by her strength and the MEGA world powerhouse that she is right now.

If you had to name 2 of your top inspirations in songwriting who would they be and why?

Definitely Michael Jackson & Prince. They both spoke so freely through their music. They were honest and brave! They would write about the past, defining the present, while predicting the future. THIS is the epitome of song writing. I think it’s important to not be afraid as a songwriter. More importantly, allow this freedom of fear to create classics that will stand the test of time and last forever. Only the fearless songwriters of the past have music that we still listen to today. They just wrote, they didn’t try to be “Current” &  in many cases they didn’t even care about a proper song structure. They simply JUST WROTE!

It takes a lot of focus and commitment to make it in the music industry.  How do you balance the two and stay grounded? 

 I think a big part of focus and commitment is consistency & discipline. Success is not something that happens on accident. I’ve understood this for a long time which is why I make it a priority to stay disciplined. Every day when I wake up I meditate, I listen to motivational speeches, and I go to the gym. After the gym, I come home and work on things that contribute to my career. Every day I rehearse, I study, and I WORK! This is always the biggest thing on my mind. Even when I’m trying to rest physically my brain is planning. Many would think this sounds exhausting but for me it’s what fuels my fire. Getting up every day and fighting for my dream is exciting. Doing nothing is exhausting.

What will this new video reveal about you and your incredible journey?

This video will solidify several things about me. 1. I am here to stay. 2. My talent should not be overlooked & 3. I can compete with the BEST. As an independent artist without a huge budget I am so proud of this video. It’s truly top-notch quality & entertainment.

What is the one thing you want your fans to know about your upcoming original music debut? 

The 1 thing I want them to know is that this project is from my heart!

Where can we buy your music online? 

My music will be available on all major platforms. Please follow me on Instagram for exclusive Pre-Sale info @StoryOfAlonzo!

Thank you for your time today Alonzo. 

No, Thank you! I don’t take these interviews for granted. Thank you so much for this opportunity.