Dane Maxwell croons with his heart on his sleeve as his new single

On the back of a brooding acoustic melody, Dane Maxwell croons with his heart on his sleeve as his new single, “Where I’m Seen,” begins to take shape before our very ears. The guitar aches with a yearning that is impossible for anything but unbridled love to satiate; in Maxwell’s vocal, there’s a cerebral echo that seeps into the lyrics that he’s so articulately serenading us with. The music swirls around us in a breathtakingly surreal fashion, but the message underscoring every subtle percussive beat is spellbinding us and pushing everyone in the audience to the very edge of their seats as we await whatever crushing poetic blow that might be lying around the next corner.

Without warning, the chorus starts climbing out of the emotional rubble created by the opening stanza and banishes the very notion of depression in one sweeping movement of melody. We’re cornered by the vocal track and find ourselves embedded in the emotionality of everything that it’s trying so hard to impart unto us. Maxwell is no longer the timid voice in the shadows, begging for someone to hear his pleas for help; he’s now a giant that can destroy the wickedness that once beset his path, and he’s not about to let any of his majestic powers go to waste here, in what is inarguably one of the most inspired declarations of war on bullying that the year has seen thus far. Dane Maxwell brings a take no prisoners-style approach to one of the worst forms of abuse in our society, and with his velvety voice, puts himself at the forefront of an important social movement that everyone needs to be paying attention to.

As far as the actual skin and bones of “Where I’m Seen” goes, there’s nothing cosmetically flawed about this track at all. Actually, I think that you would be hard-pressed to find as immaculate a mix in adult contemporary this season as you will here; it’s obvious that Maxwell didn’t just pour a lot of personal finance into making this single, but that he put all of himself – emotions, physicality, creativity – into constructing what is, for all intents and purposes, a song about his identity and the way he views the world around him. It’s personal and yet openly accessible to scores of people affected by bullying, and that speaks volumes about his integrity as a man and as a songwriter.

URL: https://danemaxwell.com/

If you’ve been in the mood for a smart take on alternative pop that isn’t beholden to the same plastic-faceted subject matter that one would expect to find when browsing the teen beat singles currently trending on Spotify, then you needn’t look much further than the guts of Dane Maxwell’s “Where I’m Seen” to find all of your needs amply met. At this stage in his career, he has the opportunity to develop his sound into virtually anything that he wants, and with his level of skill, almost nothing is out of the question. I myself am counting on him sticking to this current trajectory, as I’m confident that it will bring him all of the fame and fortune that he deserves in this life.

Mark Druery

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