Kelvin Frazier

It’s one thing to achieve the level of PhD in this lifetime, but it’s quite another to add Billboard charting artist to that title as well!  Kelvin Frazier is an artist who has done exactly that and we were honored to share some time with him. Read on to learn more about his incredible journey and his new single, ROLLERCOASTER.

Thank you for being with us Kelvin.  Tell our audience more about your journey and your drive to succeed!

When did you begin singing?

I started singing background as a kid in my church choir where my grandmother (Pearlene Garvin) was the choir director and my older brother (Ricky Frazier) was the assistant choir director. From watching them, I learned how to sing and play the keyboard and eventually grew into an artist.

Who have been your heroes along this journey? 

My Mom (Edythe Frazier), Dad (Richard Frazier), and my older brother (Ricky Frazier) have been my biggest heroes along this journey. I have been blessed to be support by other family and friends as well.

Which career is more challenging for you? Science or being a music superstar? 

Both careers have its own unique challenges, so at this moment I wouldn’t say one is harder than the other. Both science and music requires passion, hard work and dedication to succeed.

Tell us more about your new single!

Anyone who knows me is aware that I love to ride roller coasters. Therefore, I decided to write a song about roller coasters because love is like a roller coaster as well as life. So we should enjoy the ride and the song definitely takes you on a ride from beginning to the end. It is available now on all digital platforms.

What are your plans for the summer?

Continue to record to complete my new EP and promote my newest single “Roller Coaster”.

We wish you nothing but the best Kelvin and we thank you for awesome music and for being such a role model as well.

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