Hi, thanks for chatting with us today! So tell us about your recent projects to get us caught up.

Hi, thanks so much for having me! I released two songs this past August; one song called “not then”, which is kind of an end-of-summer, pop song about celebrating self-love; and the other is a song called “Firecracker,” which I released with Daylen Brinkley of the band Citizen Badger. We co-wrote the song, and we release our collaboration music under the project name, “This is Fine!” My collaboration songs with Daylen center around social/political issues, and for “Firecracker” in particular, this song describes both individual and systemic gender inequality. We really wanted to write a song that captured how pervasive gender inequality was, but still felt empowering to women, and still recognized the bravery and strength of women for continuing against an oppressive system.

What do you want fans to take from your music?  

I really hope fans find some kind of solace in my music–that hopefully they feel less alone in how they feel, and more seen in who they are. I hope my music can do for them what other artists’ music did for me–comfort me in times of need, remind me of great memories, and be there to help celebrate times of joy. And with my music under “This is Fine!”, I really hope that our music can serve as a vehicle to help inspire positive change.

When did you know you were destined to make music? 

I think I’ve just always loved creating music. My personal philosophy is that anyone can be destined to do anything–there’s no special criteria, except that you love whatever it is you are

doing. So, if you love music, if you love dancing, if you love writing–then you’re meant to do it.

How are you spending your summer of 2021 musically?

I spent my summer of 2021 doing what I love most, which is writing music. I spent a lot of time creating in my little home studio, and I always have the best time doing it. I’ve gotten the chance to explore writing about various topics–hope, empowerment, love, grief, resentment, mental health–and I can’t wait to share all the songs I’ve worked on over the summer. Stay tuned!

Who was the most encouraging with your talent?

I’m lucky enough to have had teachers and mentors who have been really encouraging in my musical journey. The best teachers are the ones who bring out the best in you, and who also make you feel encouraged to continue growing. I’m also really lucky that my family and friends have been supportive in my music as well.

Give us where and how to find you online!

Sure! I am on all the major music streaming platforms, as well as on Instagram.


Apple Music


Instagram: @ariadne.mila

Check out for links to all my music and socials, as well as fun extras like press and podcast features!

End of Interview