What seems the most pivotal when it comes to an artist’s career?

Being able to put in the work when you have to also put bread on the table and you aren’t able to do that with your music yet!

What has been the most pivotal moment in your career? 

Moving to Nashville, this is the first time I’m able to actually work on my music and things are moving in the right direction

Talking about pivotal moments, new music is coming! That’s always thrilling! Can you chat with us about it? 

YES! I am SO SO SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE! This is without a doubt my favorite song I’ve recorded. I’ve been working on this song for about 4 years, it’s very bluesy and more up my alley. I think I’m finally solidifying my sound.

How are you making time for yourself with your busy schedule? 

Right now I’m not making enough time, honestly. But I’m working on it!

How are you keeping focused when there is so much to do! 

It’s difficult, but I’m also bad at time management outside of my job haha!

What is a dream of yours that you one day want to attain?

To be able to touch people with my music all over the world. To go on tour and to make money doing what I love!

We want to continue to support your journey! Please tell us how! 

Thank you! Please follow me on all socials @athxnaofficial

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