What seems the most pivotal when it comes to an artist’s career?

I think being present, attentive, and growing with the culture. Often artists get into a little bubble and forget that inspiration comes from living in the current tense. I’m a huge fan of stripping away things that aren’t working for me: habits, instruments, ideas, attitudes. Taking a critical eye to one’s own stuff is really helpful – even if it’s painful. ‘Is this working for me?’ is a great question to ask!

What has been the most pivotal moment in your career? 

There have been a few times in my life where a decision was going to affect EVERYthing: a job, a relationship, a move… sometimes all three at once. The two big moments for me would be moving from where I grew up in Pennsylvania to NYC, and then later on, moving to California. Both of these decisions were hard: I knew no one, had very little money, or connections, and a lot of people seemed to be sad I was ‘leaving’ them. Both times my quality of life emerged stronger and more vibrant. Without struggle there’s no growth. Just ask the grapes making the best wine!

Talking about pivotal moments, the video for Move Along is great! Can you chat with us about it? 

It’s about moving on, and in this case, getting back to live music, really! I shot it at my favorite venue, Winters Tavern, in Pacifica, CA a month or so before Califormia was ready to open back up!

New music on its way?

Oh yes! ‘Highway 101’ is just now out – a single about new love on a road trip – and the new video will be out in just a few weeks!

How are you making time for yourself with your busy schedule? 

My google calendars are crazy — there’s 3 that I juggle between — and my secret is putting lots of things on them. So for example, I’ve been doing some fasting and exercise to help get into shape for the tour in August and September. So I’ll put time on my calendars that says stuff like ‘GO EXERCISE’ or ‘FREE TIME’ or ‘MAKE SOMETHING’. They are either 30 minutes or an hour and it gives me permission to GET. OFF. THE. COMPUTER. which is by and large very, very important for my mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health!

How are you keeping focused when there is so much to do! 

The term is probably ‘ruthless prioritization’: what is the best use of my time right now? Sometimes that means saying no… a lot. Like, a LOT lot. In fact, saying no to things might be the most amazing gift you can give yourself. Try it!

 What is a dream of yours that you one day want to attain?

My goal is to tour Europe before either the world shuts down again or I get too busy with other things in life. That, and drink wine overlooking some amazing villa in Italy, or Greece, or France. Something somewhat romantic that also has some element of making art. Food, music, friends, art… all that stuff — just over ‘there’ (points vaguely to where I think Europe is from my office chair).  

We want to continue to support your journey! Please tell us how! 

Listen to new music, and tell your friends to check out songs and videos when you like them, too! I remind myself to support other artists as much as possible. It’s so important to remember we are in this together.




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