Big welcome to In Consistent Seas – excited to catch up with you today! To start out, tell us about your history in the music industry.

Hello! Excited to chat with you as well! My start in music came at a younger age taking piano lessons and teaching myself guitar, but my start in the Music Industry probably can be traced back to my decision to go to Belmont University in Nashville. I wanted to be in a place where I could learn about the industry and get together with different writers and artists. I toured in a rock band for about 5 years playing keys and guitar while getting my degree in Music Business and Production. I also got a chance to write with a lot of people around Nashville and explore different genres which spurred my love for collaboration and bringing different influences into my own writing. Currently, I work in Copyright for a larger publishing company, have continued writing in Nashville and am diving into my first official project ‘In Consistent Seas’!

So we know you recently put out an album, tell us all about it!

I have! Putting out my first album has been one of the craziest experiences of my life. Reckless has been an album I have actually worked on for a long time.. (That being said, I didn’t know exactly what I was working on in the beginning, I just started writing and here is where it led me!). I wanted to tell my ‘coming of age’ story, if you will, in a different way. We have all gone through periods in our lives where we question ourselves and our priorities. We are trying to figure out who we are and what makes us happy and it causes us to stray away from what we thought we knew. We start listening to what the world tells us will make us happy instead of listening to ourselves. The idea of Reckless was to make a concept album where every song tells a different moment of my ‘coming of age’ story and uses a different genre influence to convey the emotion of each moment. I was lucky enough to work with a ton of incredible musicians and friends throughout the entire process to create this story!

What was your production and recording process like for Reckless?

My production and recording process for Reckless was far better than I deserve. Being in Nashville and having played with so many incredible people over the years, I had several friends who knew about this project before it even started. Some of which had helped me write several songs on the album. They were incredibly supportive and wanted to be a part of my album which blew me away. I was able to record this album at a friend’s home studio (shout out to Cloverland Sounds!). There is an amazing set up over there as well as openness to new or strange ideas. Many of my days and nights during 2019 and 2020 were spent in their recording rooms singing and playing guitar, or behind the soundboard bouncing ideas off each other and arranging. It’s one thing to have an album crafted in your head, but finding people that can bring it to life, that is one of the coolest things I have ever experienced.

What has been the biggest challenge for you over the course of your career in music?

The biggest challenge for me has definitely been self-promotion. I struggle with the marketing portion of this industry a bit. I feel like creating content and making music comes much more naturally to me than actually getting it out into the world. That being said, all challenges present opportunities! I am thankful that this is something I know about myself and I can bring people onto my team to help! Irresistible Force Publicity recently joined my team to find opportunities in marketing that I am missing! One wonderful thing that experience in this industry has taught me is that I am not able to do everything on my own. There are certain aspects that I thrive in, and certain ones that I don’t. This just gives me opportunities to work with more fantastic people!

Who is your dream artist to collaborate with?

This is a great question…. I think I am going to have to give you two. One dream artist would be Brendon Urie. Panic! At The Disco is one of my biggest influences and one of my favorite bands. Brendon’s writing style, incredible vocals and proficiency on so many instruments is mind blowing. He also seems like he would be very fun to be in a studio with! The other artist I think it would be amazing to collaborate with is Hans Zimmer. I love theatrics in music. Getting to arrange and assist in arranging the horns and strings on my album was one of my favorite parts of creating it. If I got to work with someone as incredible as Hans Zimmer on those aspects… I can’t even imagine what would happen, but I’m certain it would be absolutely unreal!

Thanks for chatting with us Michael, best of luck! Where can our readers find you online?

Thank YOU! I can be found on pretty much all social media and streaming sites! My music is on Spotify, Apple, and Amazon Music and I am on Instagram (@InConsistentSeas), Facebook (@InConsistentSeasMusic), Twitter (@NConsistentSeas) and TikTok (@inconsistentseas). If you like what you see and hear, give me a follow and a like and share with your friends!

End of Interview