The Keymakers

Your single California in the Sun is such an innovative song. Can you share more about the inspiration behind it?

Thank you!! The song is really all about escaping, getting away from the everyday all-day stress and being able to let go and be free. We think it’s easy to spend too much of your life trying to live up to expectations or follow a set of rules. We put a lot of stress on ourselves, everyone does, and we wanted to make a song to remind people that we can be free, we can escape the hustle and bustle and run away. Weather it’s literally driving down the Pacific Coast with the windows down or sitting in a room in Boston with a pair of headphones on, we wanted California in the Sun to be a way to escape.

Your videos and posts on IG are really engaging. Has humor helped you navigate what can at times be a tough business to be in?

Absolutely. Our biggest mission on social media is to just be us. While it sounds really simple, when you have people following you it’s easy to feel a need to filter yourself or show a form of yourself that you think people want to see. We got rid of that idea early and go about it almost as if we’re creating content for ourselves. We’re goofy guys, that’s the reality of it. We can be serious but humor is a big part of what makes us who we are and if we don’t show that to followers, they’re not getting the full picture.

What is your favorite song to play live?

Tough question, so far our favorite track to play has definitely been Lonely. We put together a Live Edit and mix in one of our favorite tracks from one of our favorite artists which is an absolute blast to do. But there is an unreleased track coming out with our EP called ‘Dark Out’ that we just know is going to be an incredible time playing live. We’re gearing up for our tour to start 2020 and it’s safe to say that track is going to be a good time for everyone at the show – including us!

Any pre show rituals before hitting the stage?

Our pre-show ritual is all about staying connected. We link up before going live, firm handshake, extended eye contact, you know? All joking aside, part of what makes us The Keymakers is having that brother to brother connection so the most important thing to us heading into a performance is getting on the same vibe meeting minds.

Any dream places to play?

Oh yeah! We’re big live music fans so some of the most meaningful shows we’ve seen have been because of the venue. We for sure have a list but some of the better known dream stages. To name one there’s Red Rocks in Colorado, what a beautiful place to make music. There is also a spot that is close to us personally, The Sinclair in our home-city Cambridge, Massachusetts. It’s a really awesome venue that can really hit a perfect mix of good production and intimacy, and we’ve seen countless inspirational shows there.

End of Interview