Hi Joey! Great to speak with you today!

Always glad to talk LOL.

You teach at two universities! What do you teach there?

I have been teaching at the university level since around 2010 and I teach music technology—and I throw in a little music business as well–things like the basics of copyright and revenue streams and though the students aren’t tested on that, I work it into the class discussions. I think that besides being able to record your art and produce it, you should also know how to make a living from your art and how to not get taken advantage of–at least the basics!

I love doing it and treasure that I am able to assist the next generation of artists on their journey!

I also do master classes all over the world, from the University of Southern Mississippi to University College of London!

How did that opportunity come about?

One of my professors from my college days knew of my work in the recording industry and asked me to be part of sharing that knowledge. Then another university decided to expand their class offerings to include music technology and I was the logical choice. I have done a lot of work here in my hometown of Macon, GA, from producing recordings to performing to hosting radio and TV shows, as well as my work serving as the official music ambassador.

What is your favorite part of that role?

Getting students to have hands on experience with all the gear and getting them to increase their knowledge of how to make their music accessible to the universe at large.

Nurturing both their scientific side and their artistic side!

Getting them outside of their comfort zone so that they grow!

You also work in music production, correct?

Yeah! While I got into music for self-expression, I make the bulk of my living as a recording engineer, producer and session musician. I own my own recording studio and have since I was about 19 years old. I still do a lot with my own music, but I mostly assist others to realize their vision!

That is so wonderful! How did you get into that and what was that learning process like?

I have always had a love affair with sound. As a blind person, sound is my universe and I love every part of making it and capturing it!

I got into making music later, but first, I just wanted to record sound!

I used the scientific method–what happens if I do this? I found I had an aptitude for recording and just kept doing it and then started getting paid to do it.

You wear so many hats and do so much incredible work! How do you stay balanced and recharge?

I build in time to make sure I get rest. I think that is one of the most important things you can do for your health–something I know about as a brain tumor survivor.

I am an eclectic soul, so doing a lot of different things is my nature, otherwise, I get restless.

I take a lot of joy from what I do and I also try not to take on any project with unreasonable goals, budgets or time constraints, though sometimes I fail at that LOL.

Any upcoming projects you want everyone to know about?

Well, I am releasing my Christmas single “Jingle Bells” this holiday season and am excited about that. It is a funky blues arrangement and a whimsical take on the classic! I think it will for sure get you in the Christmas spirit!

I also just recently joined the hip kids and got a channel on TikTok, so go and check me out there @joeystuckey. Besides the obligatory cat video, you’ll find blistering guitar solos, climbing drummers and the Johnny Cash Dollar Bill guitar trick which has had 25,000 views and climbing and I have only had it out about a month.

Please let everyone know where to find you and your music!











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