What was it like the first time you realized music is what you wanted to do as your life’s work?  

It was like a light switch turning on. This is my focus, this is my goal and I’m gonna get there.

Who was the most encouraging with your talent?

Obviously my mom has always been super supportive and encouraging… But in the beginning of my career I feel like my vocal coaches really encouraged me a lot… Today the people that encourage me the most are my closest friends.  

Was there anyone that was the least? 

No not necessarily , I always take constructive criticism and turn it into a positive.

You make performing seem seamless. How much practice goes into what you do? 

It depends on the venue I’m performing in, but I do practice quite a lot ….hours.

With all the successes you’ve experienced in your career, can you recall a time where you were tested in it?

There was a time when I actually wanted to quit music altogether… Because I felt like I was a puppet in a puppet show… Being forced to do a genre of music I wasn’t interested in doing just to get in the door. Luckily I got focused and really established my sound and got back on track.

How did you make the decision to keep on going for your goals?

Because music is my passion, deep down I will never let it go.

Who or what did you turn to when you needed a refocus?

Well first I always turn to God for guidance, but I am also super lucky to have a great team of people around me.  That includes Friends, family, producers.

Tell our audience about your latest passion project!  

My new single “neon nights” just dropped on June 15!! Super passionate about this song and I’m so excited for you to finally hear it. It’s available right now on all streaming platforms… And the music video which I’m even more excited about will be released at the end of the month.

How did you come up with what you wanted to do next?  

I had a vision, a story and there’s three songs on the album that have been transformed into a music video Trilogy. These songs include my previous single “dancing with the dark side”  My current single “neon night”, and the next single coming out “hunters and wolves”.  I want the viewers to be able to put the videos in the correct order and get a completely different experience from seeing the videos individually!

How are you making time for everything you do!

Well as you know we went through a lot in 2020 so… I had a lot of downtime.  But right now it’s about balance and organization.  It’s funny a lot of my friends are not organized at all; they just go with the flow and wing it.  If you ask any of them they will tell you that I’m the type of person that likes to plan things out!

What are you focusing on right now going forward with your music?

I guess the main focus right now is just getting my music out there for people to hear.  I am always writing and recording new music as well.  Matter of fact, I’m already beginning preparation for another record… And my first record isn’t even out yet ha ha Ha!

How did that come about?

As an artist and forever creating! If I hear, or feel an idea.  I am immediately writing in my journal.. I have so many notes

Give us where and how to find your music! 

As always you can find me on Instagram


And you can hear my latest single on all streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon


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