Hi Edwrds, thanks for speaking with us today. To start, tell us a little about your background in music.

Hi, and thank you for having me.

As a child I always loved music. I was a competitive dancer so music was always around me. I was fortunate to take private vocal, piano, trumpet and guitar lessons all around a vigorous dance schedule.

Like dancing, singing came naturally to me but I didn’t think I could or have wanted to pursue music as a career until I found my passion for freestyling and rap.

In 2014 some old friends introduced me to freestyling and I made a few raps. Eventually I grew into freestyling off the top of my head, and writing lyrics accompanied with guitar and piano.

By 15 I immersed myself in online classes and began to focus on music production. I had a lot to learn but with time came experiences that truly fueled my passion to create something that reflected my emotions.

Sleepless nights and a lot of frustration allowed me to start finding what “Edwrds” was all about. After releasing my album “Angels and Heartbreakers” and receiving a really good response from the public I began performing at small venues and bars. I even had the opportunity to travel to SXSW in Austin Texas to perform and get my art more known.

Those crazy years of my life became the inspiration for my second album which I wrote and produced, “Loverboy”. That Album allowed me to headline my very first show and I couldn’t get enough of the stage.

All that momentum led to me going on tour with Mor.MovesTour, performing at Playlist Live, Orlando, and at Creators Live in Branson, Missouri. Then the pandemic hit!!

Now in 2021, I am preparing for the Boys of Summer Tour with Klik Events. The pandemic has fortunately allowed me to really sit back and focus on my music and mental health. I’m happy to take on 2021 smiling and vibing.

What do you think sets you apart from other artists?

What sets me apart from other artists is my authenticity and unique writing style.

Can you tell us more about some obstacles you’ve had to overcome so far?

I’ve had to overcome my battle with depression and anxiety. Thanks to music and the ones around me, I’ve grown tremendously. Being passionate about making music has given me a place to just let out all my feelings and thoughts.

We appreciate you sharing with us. So this next single, Say Something, is a little bit different of a sound for you, tell us about it!

“Say Something” is definitely a different sound than what my listeners have been used to. I’ve been experimenting a lot these past few months with what makes an Edwrds song different from everything else out there. “Say Something” was rooted in just creating what felt right to me. In the first verse I say, “Say something, speak out your mind. Most people kept quiet with dollar signs…”  If “Say Something” is to have any message, it’s that celebrating you and your voice is worth it.

Exciting stuff, anything else coming up for you this summer?

This Summer I will be a part of the Boys of Summer Tour from July 22nd  – August 15th. I’m extremely excited to be performing with my amazing dancers, traveling and meeting people!

And finally, how can our readers support you going forward?

You can support me by streaming my music, coming to a show, or even engaging with me @edwrds999 on social media. I want to know what you all would like to see from me going forward.

End of Interview