Give Your Music Wings With Song-Angel

The modern business of making music starts online, and when it comes to networking with quality professionals, Song Angel knows no equal. Setting up an account with Song Angel is free and takes a fraction of the time it does to start up the average social media profile, and with the services they offer in matching content from artists and managers the same with promoters, press, producers, and other partners within the industry, their companion app becomes an invaluable component of any contemporary music marketing campaign. I recently had the chance to take a closer look at the company’s in’s and out’s, and although theirs is a unique model among many around today, this is what makes Song Angel’s style of doing business such a treasure to players and publicists alike.

Emailing press kits and Soundcloud links has become as much a part of the 9-5 for indie artists in recent years as actually getting into the studio and hammering out a couple of hot tracks has been traditionally, but if you’re in this platform’s hands, your workload could be reduced considerably. Submitting content to Song Angel doesn’t leave you with an undisclosed wait time between hitting the send button and finally getting a response – using the app’s dashboard and technical notifications, you’re always on top of who is opening your email, listening to your content, enjoying the aesthetics of your artistry and more. It’s like having a crystal ball; there’s are no unsolvable marketing mysteries with Song Angel because clarity is built right into their corporate concept.


Don’t have a clue where to start promoting the artists you’re managing? Let this platform do the heavy lifting for you – one of the best elements of Song Angel is the extensive network of professionals it immediately connects you with. You’ve already gone out and done the legwork it takes to get a good roster of talent on the books, and instead of juggling focus between one or two acts, signing up for a Song Angel account can create opportunities to balance personalized relationships with your players and thus bring home the biggest wins for everyone on your team. The only folks to ever say the music business needed to be impossibly difficult were those who never wanted to share the wealth it sustains through recession and surplus the same; thanks to this company, joining the big leagues has never been easier.

In the entertainment game, this is one brand becoming too great a force to be reckoned with for any indie artist or manager to leave it unutilized in any serious campaign, and a simple look at Song Angel’s track record confirms as much. If you’re passionate about transforming your next project from just another inbox casualty into an unmissable vehicle for professional and personal recognition, Song Angel is a must-have platform you need to be signed up for and working with in 2021. The journey from obscurity to superstardom can be long and hard, but with this company, you don’t have to go it alone.

Mark Druery