Ashley Suppa “Trouble” (SINGLE)

“Trouble,” a groovy new single from 18-year-old singer/songwriter Ashley Suppa, has a fun retro feel to it, very danceable. Suppa’s voice sticks out immediately, powerful and gorgeous. She has awesome range and sounds like she has been doing this all her life. And she sort of has. Suppa’s first musical experience was at age 6, singing backing vocals for renowned guitarist Ace Frehley’s (of KISS) album “Anomaly”. By age 12 she was learning bass and taking vocal lessons, and by 15 she was writing her own songs and recording herself onto her laptop. She clearly has a lot of passion for her music and that comes through in “Trouble.”


While “Trouble” has that retro vibe, it doesn’t sound old. The references to her influences, like David Bowie, are there without it sounding too close. The song doesn’t sound overprocessed like a lot of music today, which really allows Suppa’s voice to really shine. This girl can truly sing. After being discovered by Grammy-Nominated Producer Alex Salzman, she began working on a debut album. Being only 18, she has a strong music career ahead of her if she hits it right. When someone has her kind of talent and focus, they can get anything done.

“Trouble” started kind of somber and hushed, like a sad heartbreak song. Then the beat comes in and the song lifts up and becomes more alive. The lyrics ask a lover/friend to come back around and cause some trouble. It’s catchy as hell, with good pacing and lyrics that are simple enough for audiences to connect with automatically. The “la la las” at the end of the chorus were a nice touch. There’s something about Pop vocalization like that that can make or break a song, and here it definitely helps. There’s something charming about the song I can’t quite put my finger on, but I think it’ll be a crowd pleaser for sure.

If you’re looking for something to add to your driving playlist, add “Trouble” to it. It’s perfect for some car karaoke on your way to the beach this summer. Suppa isn’t afraid to declare herself as Pop, and she could be someone who gives the genre a new facelift as we dig into the 2020s.  Fans have already begun to take notice of her. Ashley Suppa has thousands of followers on Instagram and almost 12K followers on TikTok. She’s already got the hardest part over with; gaining access to people to listen to her music. As things open up and live music becomes a big part of life again, I hope she’s able to get out there and perform.

If “Trouble” is any indication of what Ashley Suppa can do, I don’t think it’ll be long before she begins to gain more traction. Her voice is amazing, she seems to have a big vision, and she was able to borrow from her influences without creating straight copies. She’s an artist to watch for, she seems on the verge of a come-up.

Mark Druery