i Lola Montez! Thanks for being here today! 

Happy to speak with you!

What was your first CD? 

Let’s Dance by David Bowie.

Who was your first concert? 

Van Halen.

Is there a song you are currently listening to on repeat? 

“Cherry Wine” by Hozier

What is your favorite genre of music? 

Techno. Sorry. I hate techno. But on a very related note, I could dance all night to disco.

Is there a movie you can quote without fail? 

Bachelor Party.

What is your favorite holiday dish? 


What are you most thankful for? 

My family and my band family.

Please tell our readers how they can stay up to date with you! 

Instagram: @LolaMontezBand

TikTok: @ingarudin 

Thank you for your time!

Thanks for having me!

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