We are SO excited to be chatting with YOU! You just released a fun new single called “Done Done Done”! Tell us MORE about it! 

Awww, thank you and thanks for having me. Yes, “Done Done Done” is a catchy, anthemic tune about a toxic situation you encounter and finding a positive solution to it. It’s not a breakup song, it’s a call to arms!

Do you often feel more doubtful or daring when putting new music out?

We all experience doubt to some degree. It plays a part in what we dare and allow ourselves to be and do. The difficulty is using doubt as a tool to live and not using doubt to paralyze oneself. (Add Zen warrior music here)

If you could go back and tell a younger you something, what would it be?

Buy Apple stock! Progress not Perfection.

What have been the most difficult lessons to learn when recording?

Recording the single “Done Done Done” with Justine Blazer was so smooth. We had fun with it! Fortunately no difficult lessons learned!

Where can our audience find you and support all your current and new projects!! 

I’ll be putting out new singles and videos! And the next song up is called  “Spread Love” Produced by Justine Blazer.  But I ain’t “Done Done Done”! Not even close.  Thank you.




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