How would you classify your music?

I would classify my music as electronic music, but my music is very danceable. Most people would simply label my music as EDM or Electropop because the Pop/Commercial sounds they hear on the tracks I produce. However, each track is different, simply because of the love I have for all music.

Who are some of your top 5 musical influences?

As both producers and performers, I love Zedd, Skrillex, Hardwell, Bassnectar and Missy Elliott.

I have so much respect for all the hard working producers and electronic DJ’s all over the world, there is so much talent out there in the electronic music world. I wish I could collaborate and work with them all.

What do you want fans to take from your music?

I want fans to get excited about music again, I want fans to know that you don’t have to follow the trends any longer, fans can get whatever they want from the internet. Fans can go back to the basics!! I want fans to dance for the love of the bass and rhythmic melodies backing it up.

How’s the music scene in your locale?

Clubs will always follow the trends of what type of music is playing on the radio. It’s all business and I have to respect that. Producers and DJ’s are the same way, afraid to be different and stand out because they just want to work. I would rather make music that I’m passionate about then follow trends, I’ve always created music for the love of music. Dubstep, Hard House, Electro House, Big Room, Whatever!! If the bass is kicking, sign me up!! I can play any club or festival and rock the house, because of my passion for electronic music. If you’re not a fan of EDM, you will be by the middle of my set, performing and sound is something you can’t fake. Fans can feel the energy and passion every time.

What is the best concert you have been to? 

This might sound weird but I would have to say Lady Gaga. I know her music is very Pop/Commercial with that million dollar record deal backing her up, but it wasn’t the music I was impressed with, it was her performance. Lady Gaga is insanely talented and really knows how to entertained the crowd.

What do you like most about playing live?

I really enjoy entertaining a crowd and making people feel something. I also love bringing my musical character alive during my performances and in my music videos. Expect to see crazy looking hair and make up, jewels and glitter all over my face and body, shiny outfits and platform boots. I change my look constantly. I get my fashion sense from George Clinton and the Mothership.

Is there a song on your latest CD release here that stands out as your personal favorite, and why?

I’m releasing tracks every few months and all the tracks are so different from each other but all have electronic elements of sound. I’m most in love with the song 6AM because this track is my first release and the music video for the track is so fitting for the vision I had in my head when I wrote the lyrics. I work very hard and I’m so happy to be sharing my music with others around the world.

How have you evolved as an artist over the last year? 

I’m finding my way in this EDM world and I’m never going to stop. I’m growing as an artist everyday but I’m also realizing this creative world is still a business. I’m very slowly finding industry people I can trust and grow with, which is very hard but incredibly important.

If you could meet, play a gig, co-write a song, have dinner, have a drink with any band or artist (dead or alive) who would it be?

I would love to work with Steven Tyler and Eminem, I’ve met both of them years ago on different occasions. It’s not just because their both extremely talented, they both have a very amazing spirit and energy about them. I only want to work with truly good people, I’m done with working with the bad.

What’s next for you?

The sky is the limit!! I’m on a mission to make my mark on this EDM scene, as an indie artist it’s going to take longer but I’m going for it and I will never stop.

End of Interview