What seems the most pivotal when it comes to an artist’s career?

I think it’s the part when you break out on your own , and really do your own thing. You let go of the judgments from people and your own insecurities and you just do you.

What has been the most pivotal moment in your career? 

Probably meeting my friend Whitehorn at an Alice In Chains concert . We ended up collaborating on some of my favorite tracks

Talking about pivotal moments, new music coming! That’s always thrilling! Can you chat with us about it? 

It’s called killing time and it’s one that my friend Whitehorn and I collaborated on. It’s a fast paced fun time rock n roll song, about living , loving  and letting go.

How are you making time for yourself with your busy schedule? 

I try to take at least an hour or two a day to enjoy life , and be silly and do something that isn’t important . It helps keep me focused, balanced and refreshed for when I really need to get things done.

How are you keeping focused when there is so much to do! 

Staying hydrated , keeping a daily routine . Getting enough sleep. its my simple strategy for success . Very exciting stuff..

What is a dream of yours that you one day want to attain?

I want to play every big rock n roll festival in America and Europe . I love rocking stages, especially outdoors!

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