Talk to us about your new music! 

Upcoming 4th album is going to be cathartic, as I always try to stay synchronized with the outside environment.  Also my first song was remastered recently and it’s titled “Travel Freely” instead of “Travel Far”.

Do you have any unreleased tracks? 

Yes, but a lot of them I publish on my Instagram and Facebook page as Previews and Singles, so the audience has an idea about my up-to-date music style and directions.

What is the most important part about the music industry? 

The most important part about the music industry is to respect an artist’s uniqueness and create a proper space for this kind of artistic work and brand.

What are you competitive about? 

I think that it’s the combination of artistic creativity, practical experience and philosophical education.

What sacrifices have you had to make in order to get your career to where it is? 

I have stayed in different countries to practice english language, to save money, I made an effort to take advanced courses in music production and vocal emision.

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